Various forms of Loss Prevention Security to consider

Many business leaders are aware of the unfortunate need for loss prevention securityLoss prevention security is available in many forms and is probably most popular as retail loss prevention.

In retail you have installed solutions that include camera systems, burglar & fire systems and electronic article surveillance systems (EAS).

Consulting solutions are also available such as loss prevention investigators/ consultants that are for hire on a per incident basis or long term contract basis.  Consulting side lends itself well to retail as well as other businesses who may be experiencing employee theft / employee fraud issues.

It is becoming more popular for businesses to subcontract their Loss Prevention work out due to cut backs in staffing and utilizing this resource to periodically train existing staff can pay big dividends.  The best defense against losses is always going to be a good offense.  Having well informed and trained staff working through a well thought out plan and procedures is critical and getting there can be accomplished quickly and efficiently through the use of periodic outside help.

For installed loss prevention security, cameras are the most popular; however, they are the most missunderstood as well.  You see the evidence of it on TV every day when watching convenience store or bank robberies in action.  Theives don’t care if they are being recorded.  Having a camera system installed will not stop professional theives or even the ametuers.  But it is good to have a record of the event for proof in court if needed.

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