Tips for Security and Loss Prevention

We all know that shoplifting is a major problem for business owners, retailers, security and loss prevention . The following are just a few useful tips on how to combat shoplifters and therefore reduce shrink within your organization. 1st of all, keep a close eye on what goes on in your restrooms and fitting rooms. These are a shoplifters dream. They know you can’t have cameras in there so they use that knowledge to try to rob you blind. Keep unused checkout aisles closed. Many shoplifters will stalk back and forth repeatedly waiting for an opportunity to make a break for the door.

Security and loss prevention should also post anti-shoplifting signs. Let the crooks know that you’re aware of their presence and are equipped to stop them. Keep small expensive items like electronics or fragrances in locked display cases. Make sure your store associates know what to do in the case that they spot a shoplifter. Security and loss prevention should instruct them on what numbers to call or ways to contact them and what they are and are not permitted to do in order to deter a shoplifter from leaving the premises.

Plain-clothed personnel should be patrolling and watching the store continuously. Turn over all apprehended shoplifters to the police. Trust me, this is every shoplifter’s first time if you listen to them. Word gets around. Have them arrested and cited and future shoplifters will find another, less-serious, retailer to steal from. Uniformed guards stationed at the exits are also a great deterrent to shoplifters. There’s no way to completely prevent external theft but have your security and loss prevention employ these tips and you’ll greatly reduce your shrink.

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