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The key difference between security and loss prevention is in the roles each one plays within any given organization. For instance, a security guard is someone, normally in uniform, who guards a post and/ or patrols an area. His/ her charge is to provide for the general safety and security of the establishment, its workers and patrons; and to establish physical deterrence to any would-be criminals. A loss prevention detective (or agent, as they are often referred to) is charged with the task of identifying and investigating shrinkage, whether it is from shoplifters, internal theft or paperwork errors. They normally operate covertly, and their goal is to maximize the profits of the company.

Security and loss prevention are similar in some areas as well. Both may be called upon to detain suspects, coordinate and interact with police and other law enforcement entities, taking witness statements, observing the questioning of a suspect and testifying in a court of law. However, in addition to these things, loss prevention also investigates numerous kinds of check and credit card fraud, identity theft, corporate fraud and white collar crimes. They investigate internal theft, interview or interrogate employees as necessary, training and make recommendations on improving the physical security of an establishment.

 There is a time, a place and a use for both security and loss prevention . However, if you want my opinion (and who doesn’t?), hiring a security guard to watch your business is like buying a German shepherd to guard your home. Sure, he’ll be loyal as long as you keep him fed, but you won’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late. Loss prevention is a proactive approach to shrink reduction. In the end the difference between security and loss prevention is scope; so ask yourself, do you want to save a little bit of your profit or all of it?

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