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Security and loss prevention. Is your business prepared?

Listen, there is a lot to think about when considering a security guard service or a loss prevention department in your stores.

Let me share a horror story about a security guard company that we decided to go with on “the cheap” so to say.

I was overseeing a metro area store with lots of foot traffic customers. Looking for new ways to prevent shoplifting, the company thought of hiring a security company. However, the store didn’t want to pay for a quality security company and decided to go with a sort of “fly by night” guard service. Additionally, they store requested an increase in coverage from the retail loss prevention services provided by the corporate office.

The retail loss prevention agents arrived to the store and worked their schedules and were productive, however, they weren’t available from opening to closing. The store, still in negotiations with the guard service company, needed help. They accepted the absolute cheapest guard service.

The company came in and worked the store. The first guard arrived and worked his shift, the second or relief guard arrived for his shift. The first guard made a comment about the punctuality of the relief guard and the two broke out in an all out fist fight in the store. The retail loss prevention agent on duty and the store manager ended up having to deal with the fight. On top of this, all of the customers standing around witnessed this and called 911. One guard was arrested. Now, the retail loss prevention and manager are witnesses and will be pulled away at a later date for court purposes.

What’s my point? Security and loss prevention are an important aspect of the retail world and to prevent shoplifting. However, trying to do things as inexpensively as possible is not always the solution.

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