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Security and loss prevention have really become a partnership. In the past, loss prevention was more a security guard agency that helped control inventory shrinkage and prevent retail theft by providing an obvious and conspicuous presence.

Both security and loss prevention offer benefits to the retailer which may be experiencing a large amount of inventory shrinkage.

As an example, I had a store in a downtown, low income area which had been experiencing poor inventory results, lots of shoplifting and low employee morale. We had a loss prevention agent working the store, but because the shoplifting and other activities were so rampant, the loss prevention agent could not catch everyone or fix every issue. They needed help, they needed a new strategy. We looked at what else we could provide this store to help prevent shoplifting. Well, we knew the loss prevention agent was apprehending 3 to 5 customers a day for shoplifting. We also knew that for every shoplifter he stopped, even more got away. Employees working the store were overwhelmed with customer service and when witness to the shoplifters that got away; they felt as if the company didn’t care.

Our solution… provide the store with a uniformed security guard from open to close. Write post orders that both security and loss prevention could agree on. Now that security was uniformed and placed at the front of the store, he could help record activity and prevent retail theft by greeting customers as they enter and exit the store. Security was available to check out employee purchases as they were leaving the building, additionally, security and loss prevention worked to reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent shoplifting.

If your store is experiencing inventory shrinkage, or you are looking for better ways to prevent shoplifting and prevent retail theft, look into the benefits of security and loss prevention.

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