Saving the Profit – Security and Loss Prevention within your business – Atlanta

Security and loss prevention are important to businesses.  A business owner shouldn’t have to go to extreme measures to protect their own assets, but in today’s world it is a necessary factor in operating a business.  Especially if you hope to make a profit.

Retail loss prevention is very important for a business to be successful and maximize profits.  Shoplifters are extremely bold, and can take more merchandise at one time than a business may profit in one day.  I have apprehended a shoplifter that was in the process of stealing $1100 worth of merchandise at one time.  Imagine what several of those thefts could do to your bottom line.

Worse yet, it has been proven that employee theft can cost a business more than an external, or customer theft.  This is why a good retail loss prevention program must also include procedures that prevent and deter employee theft.  I personally investigated a case that involved eight employees, and a roughly $8000 loss of merchandise.  While it was good to shut down the employee theft operation, it is frightening to consider the extent of the loss.

Security and loss prevention can be as simple as having good controls in place to protect your merchandise.  Proper training of your employees is also part of a good program. Security and loss prevention have to be a part of your business plan if a business wants to succeed in today’s market.

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