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Retail Loss Prevention has been around for many years. Names like Store Detective, In house Detective, Grocery Cop, Loss Prevention Agent, Undercovers, and more have been bounced around and used all over the place. Whatever the name, the job of a person in Retail Loss Prevention is ever-changing. 

From Apprehending shoplifters, to running an inventory, leaders in Retail Loss Prevention are always out to find the best return on the investment. This is no small feat. As most business people would probably agree, a knowledgeable and effective loss prevention department can seriously impact the business. Now, whether this impact is negative or positive depends on the organization.

Knowledge is power. In this day and age, it is important for loss prevention leadership to look at ALL aspects of the retail business. Is the retailer suffering from shoplifters? What about organized retail crime rings? Are they having issues with cash shortages? Maybe their receiving habits have gone unchecked for too long. What about employee awareness? Deciding what works best and building a custom program to each retailer should be the goal.

By far, one of the best ways Retail Loss Prevention can impact their business and partners is by helping build the awareness of all employees. Most employees are not aware of losses other than shoplifters. They don’t know about markdown abuse, price adjustments, refund fraud, discount abuse and other point of sale schemes used by the dishonest employee. Employee awareness impacts shrink and losses effectively when managed appropriately.

As experts, Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. provides a valuable service to the retailer working closely with management, ownership and or operations, they can advise on all aspects of the business where opportunities for improvement exist to reduce losses and boost profits.

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