Retail Loss Prevention and the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Camera system)

How can retail loss prevention boost your profits? Use CCTV.

Retailers worldwide benefit daily thru the use of CCTV to protect assets, increase safety and give a piece of mind. In the world of Retail Loss Prevention, CCTV is a staple. From Investigations of dishonest employees to reviews of customer alleged slip, trip and fall instances and other potential risks and liabilities.

A retailer in a metropolitan market found a return on their investment when the use of CCTV equipment helped the local police department recover thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise. An undercover loss prevention agent working the particular store, observed a team of suspects enter the health and beauty aisle. The suspects, working in teams of 4, quickly cleared off several bottles of shampoos, baby formula and men’s razorblades. The people worked so efficiently, they were sometimes in and out of the store before the loss prevention agent could get out to the salesfloor.  After the last 3 times these suspect had “hit” this store in the last week, the loss prevention agent quickly notified the local police department of the suspect’s presence. Working the store’s CCTV system, the agent kept uninterrupted surveillance on the suspects. While on the phone with the local police department, the loss prevention agent was able to position the responding police officers outside of the store. As the suspects exited, the agent maintained surveillance as the local police department apprehended all four of them.

The loss prevention agent was subpoenaed to court and was able to provide the local prosecuting agency with video evidence of the multiple instance of theft this group had conducted. As a result of the proper use of the CCTV equipment, the store was able to recover a large amount of its losses after the local police department recovered thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise from the suspects.

Retail loss prevention  can create, write and execute loss prevention policies for most companies that can dramatically improve their overall profitability.

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