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The scope of retail loss prevention can often be far reaching. Not only does it include preventing shoplifting and internal theft but, in an attempt to continually reduce shrink it often includes prevention of several kinds of fraud. One of the most common kinds of fraud out there today is check fraud. Advancements in technology and desktop publishing software have made it possible for would-be criminals to print their own checks or manipulate legitimate checks to their benefit.

There are several different kinds of check fraud. Those of us in retail loss prevention need to be aware of the different kinds so that we know what to look for. The first kind is forgery; this usually happens when a criminal steals a check, signs it, and then presents it for payment at a retail establishment. These individuals will usually use some sort of bogus identification or try to get away without showing any ID at all. The second kind of check fraud is counterfeiting; this is when a criminal uses desktop publishing equipment, scanners, high-speed printers, etc. to fabricate a completely false check.

Alteration is when an individual uses chemicals and solvents to remove or modify information on a legitimate check. This can be done to specific information on a check or to the entire document. The term ‘check kiting’ refers to the practice of opening accounts at two or more institutions and using “the float time” of available funds to create fraudulent balances. This type of fraud has become increasingly popular in recent years. Your retail loss prevention team should make themselves aware of all the types of fraud and stay abreast of new developments in order to properly combat the criminal element.

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