Proper Utilization of Security and Loss Prevention – Atlanta Georgia

Let’s face it, no matter where you’re at in this great country of ours there are certain places where security and loss prevention are a much higher priority than others. In high risk communities it is extremely important that you utilize both tiers properly in order to keep your shrink to a manageable level. Your standard security, usually a uniformed guard or mobile unit, is primarily a deterrent to theft. Even the most brazen thief will think twice about grabbing a handful of merchandise and making a run for the door if there’s an authority figure present to block his/ her path.

The purpose of loss prevention is to identify and eliminate the more clandestine thieves. These criminals make up the majority of the shoplifting community. Most shoplifters don’t want to be identified. Not because they fear prosecution (though I’m sure that must factor into their thinking at some point) but because being identified greatly reduces the opportunity for them to return and steal from you again. This is why your security and loss prevention must work closely together to identify would-be shoplifters and deter hardened criminals.

Security and loss prevention must also work together to in the same way to deter internal theft. Security bag checks and random searches are a great way to keep your employees on their toes. They know that you, the business owner or manager, are far too busy with other tasks to concentrate on them 24/7, but shrink reduction and theft deterrence is the sole purpose of security and loss prevention. Proper utilization of these 2 forces will go a long way to controlling and improving your bottom line.

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