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I’ve been in the security and loss prevention field for a long time and still there are things that transpire in the confines of this profession that make me sit back and say “Really?” I was on my way into my local mall the other day, undoubtedly for something I didn’t really need, when I spotted a young man running full speed across the parking lot. Behind him was a member of mall security and loss prevention from one of the mall’s anchor stores. Now, everyone loves a good chase so I stood back and watched.

The young man weaved between a number of parked cars on his way through the parking lot then darted out into traffic, completely oblivious to his own peril. The two pursuers were hot on his heels the entire time. Finally, the store loss prevention officer tackled the assailant to the ground and the mall security officer pounced on him and put him in handcuffs. They yanked him to his feet and began walking him back towards the mall. On the way I observed as the loss prevention officer reached into the young man’s sweater and pulled out 2 music CD’s. My only thought at that point was “Really? All that for $30 bucks?”

A retailer can be held responsible for the actions of his employees, even his security and loss prevention staff. At any point during the above mentioned chase the assailant could have injured himself in any number of ways and, as unfair as it is, the retailer could have been held responsible for those injuries since at the time the assailant was being chased by one of the store’s agents. It is critical to send a message to shoplifters that crime will not be tolerated, however was the loss of that $30 worth the possible tens of thousands in lawsuits that they opened themselves up to in that situation? It is important to be aware of the law and possible liability that you as a company face in apprehending and detaining shoplifters. There are a number of rules, many of which vary from state to state, that your security and loss prevention staff need to be aware of.

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