Loss Prevention Security Efforts



Who’s minding the store when the owner/manager isn’t?  A growing number of concerned management leaders depend on mystery shoppers as part of a comprehensive  loss prevention security program.


What information will be gained from a mystery shopper’s report?  Most users of a shopping service look first at the customer service category to learn the perception of their clientele has of their business.  Does the customer feel they have received enough attention and are more than their minimum needs being fulfilled by the staff?


But shopping reports can go beyond that and be important to the  loss prevention security  area as well.


A customer who is promptly greeted is not as likely to shoplift if eye contact has been made by an associate, making them feel that they have been noticed.  Frequent attention to each customer also lessens the likelihood of theft.  Attention not only deters theft, it also makes the legitimate customer feel more appreciated.


A trained shopper will also notice transactions occurring at the register and note any irregularities.  Shops may be general in nature or target specific employees, and controlled purchases, or correct change transactions may be conducted ensure the transaction was recorded properly.


Many business owners have a false sense of security in believing that all employees behave as if the owner or manager were looking over their shoulders while they work, and this is hardly ever the case.  A well planned mystery shopping program can improve the   loss prevention security  program of almost any retail business.


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