Loss Prevention in the Retail World

Loss prevention is a broad topic in the retail environment.  Its expanse can make it difficult for a business owner to identify what aspects may be beneficial to his or her organization.  By learning more about what options are available to combat loss, businesses can choose what is right for them.

Loss prevention is any type of policy or procedures a business chooses to use to reduce loss of inventory and increase profits.  Apprehending shoplifters is one aspect of retail loss prevention, but proactive measures are also important.  For example, teaching your employees to provide excellent customer service can help prevent theft.  Shoplifters do not want employees’ attention – so that is exactly what a business must provide.

Also important is making sure that basic controls are implemented and followed.  If your business has a fitting room, make sure that employees are trained to monitor what enters that room.  If there is merchandise that is locked up in cases, make sure all employees understand the importance of keeping the merchandise secure until it is purchased by the customer.  You’d be surprised how many employees will unlock a case, and then hand the secured merchandise to a customer instead of ensuring that the merchandise immediately goes to the cash register.

Key controls are also important.  Make sure that keys to back doors, secure merchandise cases, fitting rooms, etc, are properly logged and only given to responsible associates.  Employee theft is common enough without lax controls within the business aiding the process.

Anyone can be a potential shoplifter – the rich, the poor, the elderly or the young.  Loss prevention is an important part of any business that has a vested interested in protecting their assets.

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