Loss Prevention Security

Loss prevention security can consist of  one of or a combination of many solutions.

A camera system can record events for use in the event a loss situation is identified.  Camera systems, or CCTV, may deter some theives but most are aware that you can not be watching all cameras all the time.

A burglar alarm system will also deter thieves from attempting to steal from you and is considered one of “the basic necessities”.

An electronic article surveillance system (EAS) such as a Checkpoint Security System cane be used as a more “active” solution.  Antennas are installed at entry/ exit points and pick up “tags” on merchandise when they approach the door.  These tags can only be removed by store personnel…otherwise removal will likely damage the merchandise.

And of course, loss prevention staff can be added to the payroll to keep an eye on store activity.

The key is to identify your issue(s) and take the appropriate action… not all solutions work on all issues.

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