Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment is used to provide security and loss prevention to merchandise. However EAS is not a total solution to the shoplifting problem and will not stop shoplifting on its own. Points to consider when using EAS as a loss prevention tool include:

Certain tags can be identified by shoplifters and removed. Concealment is critical. Labels can be disguised and tags can be made extra secure depending on how and where they are attached.

Tagging merchandise costs in both tags and labor can be cost prohibitive if you attempt to tag and label all merchandise. Consider establishing a price point and up that are to be tagged. Of course you also want to tag or label any merchandise that is high theft.

Properly maintained systems and tags can be a major support to employee customer service when the ratio of customers to employees is high.

In the security and loss prevention field we know that the presence of tagging systems themselves can be a deterrent to many types of shoplifters.

Dye tags can be used on soft goods for product denial.

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